B7000 Industrial Adhesive Glue Rhinestones, craft, miniatures

B7000 Industrial Adhesive Glue miniatures craft, rhinestones etc. 15ml. LGW.


B7000 is an industrial strength self levelling clear adhesive and perfect for fixing plastics, metals and woods.  Often used to create jewellery,  affix rhinestones, miniature crafts, mobile phone repairs and all general craft uses.



1. Please read the product description carefully before use.

2. Before using in large area, please do a small area experiment first;

3. Please ensure that the surface of the area is clean and dry;

4, the use temperature should be between 18-32 degrees;

5. The product can be directly coated on the surface of the area as needed;

6. Wait for 1-2 minutes, align the two surfaces with a slight pressure;

7. It can be put in a few hours, and the ideal bonding strength can be achieved after 48 hours.

8. When the product is not in use, cover the bottle to avoid curing after the glue contacts the air.

Product Safety
Keep away from children.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.
Use in a ventilated environment.
May cause irritation to the skin

Technical data

Solid content: 28% -35%

After curing Hardness: 70-85A

Surface dry time: 6 minutes

Full cure time: 24-48 hours

Storage: stored at 10 degrees to 28 degrees


Appearance: clear Semi-fluid that may contain coloured hue (depending on batch)

B7000 Industrial Adhesive Glue Rhinestones, craft, miniatures DIY phone 15ml