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Dolls House furniture real wood Miniature Kneehole Desk Table with Science Medical accessories in 1/12 Scale.


Here we have a lovely quality, collector's dolls house, real wood Kneehole Desk/table complete with various Science medical accessories.

This real wood study desk comes with fully opening and closing drawers. The miniatures included are Test tubes in rack all can be removed from the rack, two real glass medical flasks / beakers complete with cork stoppers, a microscope with slides, magnifying glass with medical papers.

This item comes with beautiful, fine detailing and looks great in a doll house office study or a lovely standalone gift for a science / medical student or doctor etc.

Adult collectors items only, not suitable for children. Thank you for looking.

1/12, Dolls House furniture Miniature Kneehole Desk with Science Med accessories

  • 12.5cm (125mm)Wide x 6.5cm (65mm)High x 5cm (50mm)Deep.

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