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Gorgeous Handmade and exclusive to us, Fish Tank / Aquarium rare in 1/12 scale. Brand New.


Here we have a lovely quality, unique to and Handmade by Little Green Workshop, original collectors doll house Fish Tank / Aquarium complete with fish, plant life, Gravel and centre rock piece. All set in a fantastic clear water casting resin. This intricate item has gorgeous detailing and takes hours to complete. A superb unique miniature for display within your dolls house on the fire mantle or great as the centerpiece of your dining table or sideboard etc. Our fish Tanks are completely handmade from scratch so all are original and no two tanks will be identical, giving you a unique, one-of-a-kind miniature collector's piece.

1/12, dolls house miniature Fish Tank Aquarium Bowl Handmade Rare

  • Measurements:6.0cm (60mm) Wide x 3.5cm (35mm) High x 4.0cm (40mm) Deep.

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