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Gorgeous Intricate Hollowed out Filigree Gold Sphere Ornament on real wood stand rare in 1/12 scale.


Here we have a lovely quality, unique to Little Green Workshop original collectors dolls house hollow Filigree Sphere / ball Ornament on real wood stand. The Sphere is not fixed to the wood stand so can be placed as desired. This intricate item has gorgeous detailing. A superb unique miniature for display within your dolls house on the fire mantle or great as the centerpiece of your dining table.

1/12 dolls house miniature Gold Filigree Sphere Ornament & Stand

  • Measurements Sphere:

    1.8cm (18mm) Wide x 1.8cm (18mm) High .

    Measurements wood Stand:

    2cm (20mm) Wide x 1.2cm (12mm) Deep .

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