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Handmade Match Box, Astray and smoking Pipe set in 1/12 scale.

Here we have a lovely quality, collector's dolls house, intricate handmade smoking Pipe, Matches Box (with a real rough striking surface on the side of the box) and an ashtray complete with ash in 1/12 scale. They all have incredible detail and are very well made.

Adult collector's items only, not suitable for children.

1/12 Dolls House miniature smoking Pipe, Matches & Ashtray set Handmade

  • Measurements Ashtray:
    2cm (20mm) Wide x 0.3cm (3mm) High.

    Measurements Matches Box:
    1.2cm (12mm) Wide x 0.4cm (4mm) High.

    Measurements Pipe:
    0.6cm (6mm) Wide x 1.6cm (16mm) Long.

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