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1/12 scale, dolls house miniature full Baking set complete with Food mixer, Flour bag, Baking tray and Granny`s recipe sheet.


A lovely quality, collector's dolls house, full Baking set everything is included! Food mixer processor, bag of flour with wood spoon handle stuck in, metal baking tray and Granny's recipe. They have incredible detailing and are very well made to complement your kitchen.

1/12, Miniature Dolls House Complete Baking Set, Food Mixer, Flour bag, Tray etc

  • Measurements Food mixer:
    4.0cm (40mm) High x 3.5cm (35mm) Wide.
    Measurements Tray:
    2.0cm (20mm) long x 1.5cm (15mm) Wide.
    Approx Measurements Flour with spoon handle:
    3.8cm (38mm) High x 1.7cm (17mm) Wide.

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