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A 9V Battery Pack with triple socket extension connector for 12V lights.


If you have trouble using an electrical lighting system in your dolls house to set up lights and lamps (no power point available) or you just want to light a single room such as a shop or room box or want to light a single fireplace, external light or Christmas lights etc then this is the exact piece of equipment you need.

Just attach a 9V battery (available in almost any shop)  to the adapter pad and then you can use the triple socket extension to attach up to three 12V, lights / lamps with two pin plugs. You can power up to 15, 12v bulbs, either lights with more than one bulb such as our six arm chandelier or buy extensions available in our shop to power more lights in total.

Dolls House lighting Battery pack socket connector

  • (from end to end) :

    26cm long.

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