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Dolls house miniature Drinks Set (table not included) or individual Drinks Items, Whisky, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Whiskey Decanter & glasses set etc. in 1/12 Scale. Buy the full set and save over 10% compared to purchasing everything individually!

Here we have a lovely quality, collector's dolls house, full Drinks set including Whisky Decanter and two glasses set, Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle, Whisky Bottle, Beer & Guinness glasses set, two Tumbler Glasses and Water Bottle all with fine detailing. A very authentic miniature set and would look lovely anywhere in the dolls house. Buy the complete set to save 10% or individual items you require. Just select the items you want to purchase from the drop-down list.

Dolls House miniature Assorted Drinks Whiskey Gin Whisky Decanter & Glasses Etc.

  • Measurements Gin Bottle: 3.0cm (30mm) High x 1.1cm (11mm) Wide.

    Measurements Gin Bottle: 3.0cm (30mm) High x 1.1cm (11mm) Wide.

    Measurements Water Bottle: 2.9cm High x 0.8cm wide.

    Measurements Decanter: 3cm (30mm) High 1cm (10mm) Wide. Glasses: 0.8cm (8mm) High 0.5cm (5mm) Wide.


    Tumblers / Glasses: 1.2cm (12mm) High x 1.0cm (10mm) Wide.


    Beer / Guinness Glasses: 1.4cm (14mm) Wide (widest point at the handle) x 1.5cm (15mm) High.

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