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Gorgeous Walking Sticks / Umbrella Stand with two real wood Handmade miniature Walking sticks included, in 1/12 scale. A great gift for dolls house enthusiast or walking stick collector.


Here we have a lovely quality, walking stick / umbrella stand along with two hand crafted by Little Green Workshop original collectors miniature wooden walking sticks one with oval head / handle and the other with round gold filigree head. A superb unique miniature gift set for your dolls house or the walking stick enthusiast.

Dolls House Miniature Walking Stick Stand & 2x Handmade Cane Hall Umbrella

  • Measurements Stand:

    4.8cm (48mm) High x 2cm (20mm) Widest point.

    Approx Measurements Gold filigree head walking stick:

    7.6cm (76mm) Long x 0.4cm (4mm) Widest point.

    Approx Measurements Oval head walking stick:

    7.9cm (79mm) Long x 0.3cm (3mm) Widest point

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