Handmade dolls house miniatures, furniture, lighting & diy accessories

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We make and supply many Collectors dolls houses & dolls house miniatures
such as dolls house furniture, dolls house lighting, with many different
superior dolls house lights, building & D.I.Y. items and miniature
accessories, beautiful dolls house dolls.

We are your one stop Internet dollshouse shop. Come in an take a look  around
or send us an email with any questions you may have for us. We are always open!
Finest Quality, Dolls House Miniature Accessories in 1/12 Scale. We sell dolls house
furniture, with full dolls house furniture sets & single  pieces of dolls house furniture.
Dolls house miniature lights & lighting DIY equipment. Complete dolls house
Lighting Kit solutions, miniature lighting battery power packs, miniature bulbs.

Hundreds of  miniatures including exclusive handmade items by us, DIY building
materials such as skirting board, cornice, dado rail etc, dolls and more for your Dolls
House in 1/12 Scale all  items in stock , ready for immediate delivery
straight to your door!